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Welcome to iNDiDB Studios.

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What is iNDiDB?

iNDiDB is a filmmaker, videogragher, actor and crew social network!

Where we differ is what sets us apart from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Stage32, Actor's Access and all the others: instead of just existing online, we build studios near you and price them at your budget.

How would you like a professional soundstage available to you for less than $20 an hour, including all the gear you need for your project?

How does iNDiDB do this?

Our goal is 120,000 members across all 50 states to start. Free social networks mean you're attracting people who have no motivation, no drive, and no patience to succeed. Do you want to share your time with them?

iNDiDB does this all by connecting with wealthy patrons all over the world who want to help filmmakers become commercial successes. They aren't investing in films, they're not donating to charity -- instead they're providing a small piece of their wealth so we can build studios, buy gear, and let our members use it cheap or for free.

The average indie soundstage in the country is $120 an hour, plus another $300-$1000 per day for film gear, plus sets, props, wardrobe, etc.

How will this help me?

We help indies because we raise the funds they need to create.

Imagine if you could cut your cost of filming by 50% or even 90%. You're always fighting to find locations, sets, props, film gear -- and figuring out how to afford it.

If the cost of locations, sets, props, wardrobe and film gear was 90% cheaper for you, you'd be able to focus on just paying your crew and making your film.

How much does this cost?

Membership is just $5 per month if you prepay 2 years ($120). You can also join month to month if you want!

For every $1 you pay, we raise another $9 for you in the form of grant dollars. Grant dollars can be spent on anything the studios provide: studio sets, props, gear, etc.

If you film inside of the studio using our sets, we will also raise more grant dollars so you can get free gear to use!

I don't understand what that means.

If you pay $120 for 2 years of membership total, we will match your $120 with another $1080 in grant dollars. That means you'll have $1200 to spend on your film. You can book a studio for 10 hours for that $120 investment in your future. That's $12 per hour.

In addition, if you book studio time, we will also throw in another $500 worth of film gear rentals as a grant. That means for $120, you'll be a member for 2 years, and get $1700 in free filmmaking.

We will also provide grants for your set design, wardrobe, costumes, props and more.

Does everyone qualify for a grant?

99% of filmmakers, actors, crew and film enthusiasts will qualify for grants in 2022.

If you are unsure if you'll qualify, send a PM to our Facebook or Instagram pages and ask!

What if I'm really broke?

We have additional grants available for our members who want to volunteer to help manage and organize our studios!

If you can afford to pay the monthly membership, we will help you raise grants to make your projects happen.

How do I join?

We are a members-only social network, so we don't just let anyone join.

You can sign up as a free user on our website once you secure an invite code from someone who is already a user.

Post to your IG and Facebook feeds asking your network who has an iNDiDB invite code and you'll be surprised at how many people you know who are already users or members!