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The Concept

iNDiDB Studios is a fully professional soundstage studio for creatives at every level of their careers.

We are also a members-only club, so instead of paying for the crazy high costs of a full-service studio ($120-$200 per hour) you pay from $0-$12 per hour. For real.

Membership to the club is as little as $5 per month and allows you entry into the studio.

The Benefits

For every $1 you pay in dues, we raise another $9 for you in the form of grants. EVERYONE QUALIFIES!

That means instead of paying $120 for one hour in the soundstage, you'll pay $12. Or even less!

In addition, if you're using the space, you can request a $500 grant towards film gear, and everyone gets that, too!

What this means is that if you wanted to book our studio for 10 hours, and you needed film gear, you normally would pay about $1700. But with our grants, you'll pay around $120, or even less.

The Costs

Membership starts at $10 per month, but if you book more months up front, the price drops. You can pre-pay 2 years of membership for $5 per month.

If you want to bring friends who aren't members, you can buy them a guest pass -- $5 per day if they've got (free) accounts on our website, $20 per day if they want to stay anonymous.