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Schedule a tour

Thank you for your interest in checking out iNDiDB and seeing what we can do to help with your filmmaking, photography, acting or modeling goals!

Because we are a members-only collective, we don't have any employees. There are three methods to schedule a tour!

Solo Tour

This isn't as exciting as the production tour but if you want a quiet space to poke around in and dream up ideas, we can set up a tour with you and one of our members.

Note: members aren't paid to give you a tour; they take time out of their lives to volunteer to show others around.

In addition, someone has to pay $5 for you to walk in the space (daily guest pass fee) so please note you can only tour the space ONCE as a guest.

If you want to schedule a solo tour, register on this website and then post a request on the "Request a Tour" forum.

Production Tour

This is much more exciting! Not only do you get to see a member's production in action, but you can even volunteer to lend a hand!

As usual, this is all members volunteering to let you on set, and one of our members will spend $5 for your guest pass, so all tours are a on-time thing.

If you want to schedule a Production Tour, visit our booking calendar, look for the work Studio in green, and click the button.

This will tell you the date and time a production is active. If any dates/times match with your free schedule, just send post on the "Request a Tour" forum and let us know!

Register an account

If you don't have a free user account on this website, you can register for free using the invite code TOUR.

Production Playground

This is our favorite way to get you to see the space and how it works! Once or twice a month, our Executive Producer Adam Brian Dada sponsors a film script contest with a cash prize. Then we invite members AND guests to come film it in one evening!

You can read more about our Production Playgrounds.